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About us

Limited Liability Company Scientific-Production Enterprise "ENERGOARСHITEСT" for many years, performing electrical installation and commissioning work on the industrial, commercial and social facilities in all regions of Russia, as well as helps enterprises in the reconstruction and modernization of industrial electronics.


We carry out the following work:

● electrical installation and commissioning of any complexity on the customer's requirements;

● design of the systems;

● modernization and optimization of existing devices and power supply systems to improve their reliability and efficiency;

● repair and adjustment of power supplies, stabilizers, frequency converters and other industrial electronic devices.

● сonfigure any instrumentation, regardless of the type and installation location.


We are working with any equipment: power supplies, regulators, controllers, frequency converters, soft starters, uninterruptible power supplies and other industrial electronics from any manufacturer and complexity.

Our customers are operators of cellular communication, housing and communal services, shopping centers, television and radio transmitting centers, enterprises of metallurgical, mining, food, medical and other industries, where the quality of work performed and the reliability of supply is of particular importance.


We invite you to long-term cooperation. We offer to be your official representative in the Russian Federation!


Today we have the ability to provide our clients with high quality services and stable quality, which is confirmed by reputation and recommendations from our partners.

    +7 (351) 777-03-53


Salyutnaya, 21/A office 1, Chelyabinsk,Chelyabinskaya Obl., 454071, Russian Federation. 

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